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Naming. Branding. Logo. Website. Strategy. Positioning.

It's not a question we get everyday. Could you help us put a new museum on the map? Nevertheless, it's a question we like to sink our teeth into, especially when it comes to a museum which is on the cutting edge of agri and food. Together with the people behind the Zuivelmuseum (Dairymuseum), we developed the name, slogan, logo and communication strategy for this special museum.

Zuivelmuseum op de kaart_Museum_Brochure


The Stichting Nederlands Zuivelmuseum (Foundation Dutch Dairymuseum) wants to bring the rich Dutch stories on dairy history to life and pass them on to the next generation. Professional communication is indispensable for putting the museum on the map, attracting visitors and creating a solid base for the future.


The Foundation arose from a collaboration between various existing initiatives. An enormous wealth of history and stories, a shared passion for everything to do with dairy, and multiple different angles. Therefore JEEN took the time to get to know the motivations and beliefs and through conversations, interviews and brainstorming sessions. On that basis we developed the name, slogan and communication strategy that does justice to the museum and that connects with the relevant target audience. 


The Dairymuseum focuses on both children and adults. In the communication we choose to prioritise children as the target audience. That requires choices in the strategy. For example, we did not communicate with the full name of the Foundation, but with the ´Zuivelmuseum´ brand. We developed a slogan that is in line with the perception of children. This new positioning also includes an appealing, colourful look and feel. A new logo was not part of the original job, but we just couln´t help ourselves… Fortunately, the client was just as enthusiastic as we were. That provided the ideal basis to build on. 

On that basis we designed and built the website and campaigned on social media for the opening of the museum. The milk moustache-competition produced some cool pictures, and the first visitors. After the opening we passed the baton to the Zuivelmuseums volunteers. The basis allowed them to continue building on the communication plan we developed so more visitors and funds are attracted in the long-term.

¨JEEN did a great job helping us with branding. Based on clear agreements in advance, not hindering their creativity at all. The have been able to develop our ideas into a common philosophy, resulting in, amongst other things, a beautiful logo and slogan¨

Wim van Dommelen, Boardmember Zuivelmuseum







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