The team

Gijs Gjaltema

owner JEEN.

Enduring networker with inspiring enthusiasm. | 0642570529

Margje de Graaff

advice & copy

Sharp mind, dito writing.


Janneke van Brakel

projectmanagement & advies

Aims for the finish, and aims for gold. | 0638202267

Debbie Arens

deskmanagement & advice

Aligns the team for success and perfects every detail | 0651805959

Jeanette Hengeveld

design & dtp

Prefers to delve into a good book on design in her free time.


Colinda Bos

online marketing & advice

Loves to dive right in and maximize every pixel's potential. | 0614756792

Sjoerd Jochems

strategy & concept

Alert and ready for a brilliant brainstorm or standout short copy.


Regine Mateman

design & dtp

Puts her own fresh flair on her designs. | 0613758012

Tijmen Lindemulder

design & concept

Visualizes imaginative ideas and concepts.

Madelief Emmens

advice & projectmanagement

Insightful critiques, but always with a sunny disposition. | 0643484836

Stefan Muilenburg

content marketeer

Wordsmith who loves to conjure up language. | 0652189203

Maaike Dijkhof

advice & projectmanagement

Trust her with anything that you don’t want to leave to chance. | 0613618232

Julia van den Tweel


Determined, spirited, straight from the dairy farm and up for any challenge. | 0639452888

Irene de Pooter

advice & projectmanagement

Your project flies when you’re having fun. | 0623688693

Jharno de Kat Angelino

graphic design intern

As creative as his name suggests. | 0620164869

Annemieke Kok

online marketing & advice

We suspect she is even online in her dreams. | 0681832950

Maaike Faas

office manager

Intuitively anticipates her colleagues’ needs before they even realize it.