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Have you seen all episodes of KNZ Class yet? An online video series is a good and fun way to hold the attention of your followers and share knowledge. Ideal for expanding KNZ's brand awareness as an expert in salt licks.

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KNZ wants to conquer the market in and outside Europe with its salt licks. Online channels such as the website and social media play an important role in this and must ensure more brand awareness, visibility among the target group and loyal customers. KNZ wants to achieve this with original content and establish itself as the expert in the field of salt- and mineral licks for animals.


How do we create original online content that not only works on KNZ's global brand awareness, but also emphasizes KNZ's expertise? What needs do our followers have on social media and what content do we keep them captivated with? A brainstorming session with these questions in mind resulted in the video series KNZ Class. An online video series of 6 episodes, in which KNZ expert Roy educates viewers about salt licks. 

Keywords for the videos are recognisability, authenticity and knowledge. The videos are therefore all recorded on the same Dutch farm. With the same rural decoration and the same expert who shares all his knowledge about salt and minerals with a slight accent. A setting that fits the origins of KNZ, but also smartly uses the worldwide reputation of the Netherlands as a leader in livestock farming.

Together with the content experts and marketing professionals from KNZ, we developed six scripts. Each episode addresses a different question in the field of salt- and mineral supply, but the focus is always on Roy and his expertise. Every two weeks, the Dutch Youtube- and Facebook followers of KNZ were first treated to a new edition, as were visitors to the Dutch KNZ site. Subtitled in six languages, we then rolled out the series in KNZ's focus countries worldwide. With Facebook campaigns per country, we ensure a wider reach, in order to introduce KNZ Class to as many livestock farmers as possible worldwide.

“The KNZ class series demonstrates the expertise of KNZ, helps to build the brand reputation and improves interaction. JEEN took care of a very smooth production process, from the topics and scripts to the shooting and post production. This requires a good understanding of our brand and our value proposition.”

Kelly Chen, Marketing Manager - Agri/Food/Pharma



Maaike D



Van den Tweel

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