The Soil
Tear-off Calendar

daily inspiration for farmers

collaboration BO Akkerbouw, Wageningen University & Research, Deltaplan Agrarisch Waterbeheer en JEEN..

Awareness. Content marketing. Cross-media. Sustainable agriculture.


What lies at the heart of successful agriculture? The soil of course! The importance of healthy soil is increasingly well known, but changes are slow and difficult to see with the naked eye. The Soil Tear-off Calendar ensures that the soil is still in the eye, every day, for arable farmers and livestock farmers. JEEN developed the calendar together with BO Akkerbouw, Wageningen University & Research and Deltaplan Agricultural Water Management.



Making arable farmers and dairy farmers aware of the importance of a healthy soil and inspiring them to get started themselves for a better soil.



Soil awareness is in the interest of the entire agricultural sector, and is something that is regularly on the agenda of many of JEEN's clients and partners. This gave rise to the idea for a tear-off calendar at JEEN: the perfect way to draw the attention of the target group, every day. This idea was even suggested earlier by Thea van Beers of BO Akkerbouw partner Agrifirm. It soon became apparent that more parties in the market were just as enthusiastic about the idea as we were, and a great collaboration was born. Together with BO Akkerbouw, Wageningen University & Research and Deltaplan Agrarisch Waterbeheer, we set to work to lay the substantive basis. It is up to our partners to contribute the content, for JEEN the role is to translate that content into a fascinating and accessible whole with the right mix of tidbits, facts, quizzes and photos. Sometimes deep, the other day light-hearted. Sometimes informative, sometimes interactive. And with QR codes also a link to underlying sources or the website

At the end of November, the Soil Tear Calendar, with 365 days of inspiration from and about our own soil, was delivered to Dutch livestock farmers and arable farmers.

With the knowledge and support of DAW, WUR and BO Akkerbouw, the production was made possible, which was gifted to all farmers around the holidays in December.

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