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How do you ensure that your social media keeps running smoothly when the responsible colleague is on maternity leave? That both your followers and the colleagues who enthusiastically provide their input hardly notice that someone is out of place for a while? Bionext enlisted JEEN to staff the socials.

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Bionext was working on their social media channels, and had taken many steps recently. When the responsible colleague went on maternity leave, it had to keep running smoothly. In addition, there were several campaigns that could use some extra online attention, such as KipKado, the Biokennisweek and the newly launched donation platform of Bionext.


Bionext recently took many steps in its social media approach. With the use of a content calendar, publication tool and colleagues who shared their input more and more faithfully, major progress had been made. To ensure that everything that had been built up would be preserved, JEEN worked the same way Bionext did. We followed the content calendar and took over the publication tool, edited the supplied content, posted it together with an appropriate image whilst monitoring Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Always with enough distance to keep a critical eye to see room for improvement. Weekly consultations ensured short lines of communication and quick switching.


For KipKado, the Biokennisweek and the Bionext donation platform, we set up Facebook advertising campaigns in line with the goal, the objective and of course the target audience. This provided a broader reach and yielded interesting insights for the further development of, for example, the donation platform. 


At the end of 2021, the year in which Bionext had shared control with JEEN, we looked back at the results and insights gained together. This led to a final recommendation to use their social channels more effectively the following year. The goal is to sharpen the content per channel for more engagement. With a shift from quantity to quality.

“JEEN had the substantive knowledge to directly take over our social media. It was no problem at all to stick to our working method, so for us the collaboration ran very smoothly and we were able to absorb the leave of our colleague well.”

Joyce van den Bos, Communications Manager at Bionext


The main objective for Bionext was that the content and activity on social media would continue. Because we took over the content calendar immediately, there was no gap and there was no style break.

Moreover, for 2022 there is a good basis for raising the level even further.





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