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How do you make scientific research both accessible and attractive to farmers, advisors and policymakers? The online magazine Beter Bodembeheer (Better Soil management) translates research findings into knowledge and inspiration for the real world. JEEN produces this magazine commissioned by WUR Open Teelten (Open Cultivation) for the public-private partnership 'Beter Bodembeheer'. This research program aims to increase knowledge about sustainable soil management and the magazine plays an important role in this.

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WUR Online magazine - JEEN. agri & food3
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By 2030, all agricultural land in the Netherlands must be sustainable managed. To achieve this, it is important that farmers, advisors and policymakers have sufficient knowledge about soul management and soil processes. The multi-year program conducts research into new cultivation- and soil management methods with the aim of increasing the level of knowledge on these subjects. 


Sharing knowledge starts by reaching the target audience. Certainly in the case of complex matters and sometimes difficult to fathom research results. Our challenge is to translate this information into appealing, accessible content, while still doing justice to the content itself. So to offer a lot of information, avoid long pieces of copy, and many difficult words.


An online magazine is the answer. It offers every opportunity to convey information both visually and textually and to alternate between (moving) images and text into a playful and inspiring platform. JEEN translated the substantive research results into animations, videos and infographics to visually present the material. We also interviewed researchers, wrote and rewrote text and ensured a strict magazine format, coordination and publication.

“JEEN has pleasantly guided the project and it is great to notice their affinity with the subject.“

Janjo de Haan, WUR Open Teelten


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