Good ideas: check. Execution: will do. JEEN will realise your campaign, website, (online) magazine, implementing your social media strategy and writing texts. Quality, creativity and knowledge of the business are our ingredients to bring a good story to life.

Partly in-house, partly helped by an extensive network of photographers, videographers, web- and app builders, animation specialists, or printing houses… We know them, look for the most suitable one for each job and form a balanced team together with the customer.


Ambition provides energy, inspiration and creativity. Exactly what we need to provide great work for ambitious brands in agri and food. To create stories and bring them to life. With strong positioning, an effective campaign, beautiful designs and striking texts. Strategy, concept and creation, online and offline. That is our ambition. But we'd rather start with yours. Because working together to achieve the goals of your company really gives us energy. That's why every introduction at JEEN. starts with the same question: What is your ambition?