The concept

A new company name, slogan or corporate identity. A corporate story, sales campaign or campaign for brand awareness. Your own recognizable photography style, visual identity, short copy… The creative concept is your story, which we tell in words, images or a combination of the two.

The communication concept is what helps you stand out and distinguish yourself in the world of agri and food. With humor, impact, stopping power, content. And always with the aim of achieving your communication objectives. A good concept is the result of brainstorms and creative sessions and testing and further development with the client and target audience.

The creative concept ís your story, that what we tell in words, images or a combination of both.


Ambition provides energy, inspiration and creativity. Exactly what we need to provide great work for ambitious brands in agri and food. To create stories and bring them to life. With strong positioning, an effective campaign, beautiful designs and striking texts. Strategy, concept and creation, online and offline. That is our ambition. But we'd rather start with yours. Because working together to achieve the goals of your company really gives us energy. That's why every introduction at JEEN. starts with the same question: What is your ambition?